Frequently asked questions

What kinds of qualifications do you have?

The photographers at Peli-cam have years of experience with photography, among other things. We have also done photographic training at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. A course called Photographic design.

Can I visite your studio and have a look?

We are big advocates of communication and meeting new people. That is why it is always possible to visit us and drink a cup of coffee in our studio. We appreciate it if you make an appointment with us first, before you jump in the car.

Can you guy's shoot on an all white backdrop? Photos for a webshop?

Yes we can! Our goal is to make beautiful content photos. Where magical things happen in our studio. But we understand the power of minimalist sales. That is why we also shoot for web shops.

Do you work on location?

Well yes. If the plan calls for it we will go anywhere. We often shoot food photography for restaurants at the restaurant itself. We do prefer our flash lights though.